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August 05 2017

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Using Facebook to market yourself and your network marketing business

If you don't know already, using Facebook to market yourself and your network marketing business is a great way to go!

With the advent of what's called "social networking", places like Facebook, YouTube, etc. are tools you can use to attract people to you and develop your own internet presence with.

The fact is that you can use Facebook to generate tons of quality prospects and leads for your network marketing, direct sales, or affiliate marketing business...

However, most people go about it the wrong way, AND spend way too much time getting it done.

Now, I will tell you that I am not an expert on Facebook, but through trial and error and learning from master marketers - I have been blessed to be able to reap big rewards using Facebook myself, and I want to pass on some helpful info that I know will be a benefit to you in your own efforts.

I've been able to amass a 'friend list' of thousands and thousands of people in just a few months and now have people visiting my Facebook page every day 24/7 checking out stuff and getting involved with the programs and businesses I am a part of (making me money); and it all happens almost on autopilot with about 3 minutes’ worth of work a few days a week to keep it rolling (and I want to show you how to do the same thing).

Now, the first thing to be to offer valuable content on your Facebook page to attract your target market to you. Then a HUGE part of the puzzle is to build up as many people on your friend list as possible on a continual basis. This can and should be done using leveraged and automated tools to speed up the process for you.

Now, instead of doing what most people do (which actually turns prospects off), you are NOT going to send out 'messages' to your friend list. Instead, you will use the 'bulletins' feature to display quality information and educational content that people on your friend list will have access to check out.

You want to provide information that helps solves problems that your current target market (including your friend list) are going through. This builds trust and credibility, where most people on Facebook simply send blanket advertisements for their businesses through the 'message' feature and annoy people with spam.

There are other things you can do on Facebook as well, but the building of your friends list to include as many people in your target market as possible - and using bulletins properly to send out educational content, articles, videos, etc. are 2 huge things that have allowed me to generate free leads for my businesses 24/7 with very little time and effort - and now you can do the same thing!

In fact, here's a short video I created that explains this a little further and shows you what to do:


If you would like to see my facebook page to get an idea of how I use it, check it out:


For further training on how to use free internet tools to generate free leads for your business, go here:


Helping you succeed,


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